Hi, I’m Caroline and welcome to Goindikitchen! I live in the North East of England with my Husband and Labrador, Elsa. For those who don’t know, I’m an Indian Food Fanatic! In fact I have a deep and sincere love for all things Indian. Their food, their culture, diversity and people. In 2011 I was sent overseas to India. A fresh faced engineering graduate with a thirst for adventure and a fearless attitude, I was buzzing.

A jumbled mess of excitement and anticipation I literally knew nothing about the place I was going to; the culture, the food, the people. Not a clue. A blessing perhaps as I recall the overwhelming bombardment on the senses as I left Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata. A mixture of heat, noise, smells and visual chaos ensued and the sudden realisation that the Puffa jacket I was wearing was probably the worst idea ever!

Needless to say, I embraced the experience like a Champ! Saw everything, ate everything, tried everything. India is literally a kaleidoscopic melting pot of spice, fragrance, flavour and its people have a fundamental passion and respect for their food . Food plays such a massive role to most Indians, everyday delights,  celebrations and religious festivals.

veg 3

Six years on and I’m back in the UK with my Bengali husband who I love dearly, but by all accounts, is pretty useless in the kitchen. With regular visits from the in-laws and a longing for the delicious food I experienced back in India albeit with my own little twist, I thought I better pull my finger out and get cooking!

Trials and tribulations aside, I started to get pretty good, not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but friends and family jumped on my Indian cookery bandwagon. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe I could do more? I thought to myself, what’s all this blogging malarkey? So, I thought why not? And Goindikitchen was born!

I would love this blog to be a platform of discovery. I hope to educate, entertain and inspire those who perhaps have shied away from cooking Indian food, dismissing it as too difficult or complicated. My recipes are simple and easy to follow; my mission; to spread the curry love and inspire everyone to try something new, something authentic and most importantly, something delicious!

Come and join me.

Caroline xxx

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