My Tangra Style Chilli Chicken!

Tangra is an area of Kolkata that is historically inhabited by the Chinese migrants that came to live and work in the thriving Tanneries of times gone by. Now, Tangra is a bustling maze of Chinese restaurants serving the best of Indo-Chinese cuisine. Its literally AMAZING! One of my favourite restaurants is Golden Joy and the dish you must try is…Chilli Chicken best served with egg fried rice. Simply Delish! So here is my recreation of that dish for all to enjoy!

Hug in a Mug! My Magical Masala Chai!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the weather is officially rubbish! It’s cold, wet and windy; a quintessentially British winter. So this recipe is sure to banish the winter blues with what can only be described as a hug in a mug!

Luxurious and Decedent. My Creamy Bengali Payesh!

I reckon that Payesh is the reason we love our good old rice pudding here in Blighty! Traditionally a Bengali dessert, it encompasses the delicate and fragrant flavours of cinnamon and cardamom together with rich cream, nuts and fruit which forms the basis of this thick, sweet and luxurious dish of loveliness. It is said…

Tandoori Nights are Here! My Tantalising Tandoori Chicken!

mish-mash of warm tandoori masalas and smoky paprika with the subtle heat of chilli in a thick and decedent marinade. It’s so simple yet the depth of flavour will make your recipients think you slaved over a hot stove…or Tandoor in this case ;).

Mouth-watering Malai Tikka Kebabs!!

Yes you heard me! Malai Tikka Kebabs, a delectable delight of delicate spices and gentle heat smooshed together with cool creamy yoghurt and tangy cheese.

Drool Alert! My Lamb Raan…Enough said!

Imagine if you will the standard lamb roast, then catapult it into a cosmic Kaleidoscope of spice and flavour. A sumptuous leg of lamb with two marinades; a hot and fiery dry spice rub followed by a cool, sweet and creamy rub of exotic papaya, ginger, garlic and yoghurt. Good God! I just drooled on…

The Daal of Kings! Try My Delicious Daal Makhani!

A rich, creamy, luxurious daal that will literally blow your mind! It’s great with lamb or simply as an indulgent vegetarian main in its own right. Either way it’s an absolute must and will have you dribbling at the jowls! 🙂 Cooking time around 60 minutes. Ingredients: 1 x can of cooked red kidney beans in…

Fish lovers Ahoy! Mouth-watering Mirch Mach Masala!!

Buckle up because this one is Hot! Literally meaning chilli fish masala in Hindi; this dish is sure to eradicate the most stubborn of seasonal colds. A hot and tasty masala that it fresh and filling, it’s the perfect autumn supper! This dish is full of tips and tricks which make it super easy to…

My Egg-traordinary Egg Curry!

DO NOT KNOCK THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE TRIED IT!! It is a hot, cheap and tasty, protein packed, veggie friendly dish that is simple to knock up and even easier to scoff! Ingredients: 2 x large potatoes 4 large eggs 2 dry chilli 2 x bay leaf 1 tsp. hot chilli powder 1 tbsp garlic paste 1…