Rant of the day – Divine Detox!

Argh!!! Detox. Literally code for give me all your money and we will make you feel inadequate in the process!!! These health food advertisers must think to themselves, what sanctimonious horse excrement can we hoodwink the moronic general public with this week. Ah yes, detoxing.

For starters, it would be prudent by saying that the human body a remarkable creation of biomechanical genius, mastered over thousands of years of evolution. To reasonably think that toxins build up as describe by many of these “health food experts” would ultimately conclude that we are walking medical miracles. In reality, if the human body was unable to remove “said” toxins we would all be as be dead and no amount of cucumber and lemon water could remedy that! Would it be fair to say?! The idea that you can cleanse your body of calorific sins with a one stop remedy to our fast food, alcohol soaked social lives is complete waffle!


So before you jumpstart your blender, take heed. Don’t get me wrong, I have been there myself. You feel guilty for overindulging and in an abstract way it seems logical to cleanse your gut of nasties, it’s sure to make me healthier right?  No, it’s not.  Balanced diet, moderate exercise and a good night’s sleep is going to do that.

Claims aside, what angers me the most is the cruel demographic targeting that marketers of such related products use. Most of these products are targeted towards young women. Is this really about health? Is this what we should be expecting our young women to aspire too? Potentially damage their self-esteem and possibly their health!? In my opinion, it’s just a way to rinse my purse dry and get me going back for more when one quick fix doesn’t work. Food for thought my friends! Food for thought!

Chao for now.

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