Promise me you won’t shout…But the kitchen is on fire!

So for those of you that don’t know, for many years, I worked overseas in India. It was Fab! I loved it! So in the realms of trying to climb that slippery career ladder whilst working overseas, I generously entrusted the keys to my house with my little sister.

Now I love my sister dearly, but it would fair to say that at times, she is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. To give a specific real-time example, she currently sits before me asking me how she is going to explain to her husband how she managed to buy 8 pairs of Mode in Pele shoes, all the same pair, online, by accident, yet to be delivered. In addition, she had to yet to realise anything was amiss until this evening, when her credit card fraud team rang her to ask if she really required 8 pairs of the same shoes?  I mean what the flip!? Anyway, I digress. This is less about questioning my sister’s inept abilities to function in life…… Actually, this is exactly what this post is about.

So, after a long and challenging day in the Kolkata office, I often spoke to family and friends during the long journey back to my apartment in South City. This evening was no different. I had just stopped talking to my Mum when I receive a call from my sister. “Hi. How are you? How’s India?” She said in a suspiciously subdued voice. I responded by describing my day and those stresses that nearly drove me to herd up my engineering team and drive them off a cliff. She giggled nervously. My suspicion grew. She then went on to say; “Now promise you won’t shout at me”. I responded cautiously with a tone that was curious and fearful. After all, she is my Sister; I know exactly what she’s like. She went on, “So the microwave is broken. I cooked a jacket potato for my tea, I left it, I went in the shower and when I got back, the kitchen was on fire. Sorry.”


I lost my blob! “What did you do? What?! Is the house OK?” My Sister went to explain, “It’s all fine now, you don’t need to worry, I opened all the windows to let the black smoke out. It might smell for a while.” “What the hell happened?” I yelled! She responded by saying the following: you won’t even believe this. “So, I wrapped the potato in foil”, this was apparently advised by a friend, which begs the question as to, who the hell are my friends? She went on to say “So I put it on for 45minutes, that’s normal right?” “No its not you moronic IDIOT!!!” I exclaimed. (These people are supposed to be degree educated). I guess there are a few morale’s to the story. 1) Don’t let relatives look after your house 2)Don’t put jacket potatoes in the microwave, especially if its covered in foil and especially not for 45mins! 3)Love, live and laugh at all the times we hold dear in our memories.

In the end, the house was fine if a little smoke damaged, and we have a hilarious story to tell you all. What an Idiot. #LMAO!

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  1. Jo Spence says:

    Oh crumbs, the tears are falling with laughter. Not sure what’s funnier the 8 pair’s of shoes or the jacket potato in tin foil for 45 mins!! Fabulous xx


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