Mini Cheddars Anonymous.

Believe it or not I am a total foodie although you would be forgiven for thinking I am nothing more than a disgusting skip rat living in a mobile dustbin after I tell you about my shameful week on the road. ceiratSo I work fairly long hours and do a great deal of travelling to construction sites as part of my job. As best as I try to live a healthy life sometimes it’s just f**king hard!

Well there is nothing worse than dragging yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn and driving to what feels like the ends of the earth. More often than not I’m not in the mood for breakfast at that time and will have all the best intensions of “making a healthy smoothy” and drinking it on the way to site. I say to you readers, who the hell wants to ingest a potent green concoction resembling Slimer out of Ghost Busters with the consistency of sewage sludge at that time of the day? Not me. No thank you.

Anyway  I always reach the stage of “Hangry” by about 0930, so just by chance, Home Bargains (other low cost vendors are available) had multipacks of mini cheddars for a pound! I thought I’ll have some of that! To cut a long story short my emergency travel breakfast for the entirety of this week has been a packet of mini cheddars and costa coffee! Not sure of the nutritional value in either but it sure did fill a hole. I look to you fellow bloggers to point me in the direction of mini cheddars anonymous. Needless to say, this is not how I saw my “glamorous” life panning out #living the dream.


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