Life is too short for bad food and sh*t wine.

So here it is; if I had a pound for every one stop wonder, meat free, dairy free, calorie negative smoothy making, alcohol depriving, detoxifying, death defying miracle inducing food fad claiming to bring you eternal happiness and give you the body of a supermodel, I would be sunning myself on a far flung beach somewhere being hand fed grapes by a strapping, well-oiled Adonis. Sadly that is not the case.

By most, I would be described as a normal average human who likes a drink and a good meal. To me it seems a pretty good way to go, would anyone disagree? Don’t get me wrong I certainly do not advocate an unhealthy lifestyle and applaud those who invest their time, money and energy in their quest for the elixir of life and eternal beauty, good luck! Personally I haven’t the time to frequent the aisles of overpriced farm shops debating whether goji berries are the answer to my problems. I work full time, with a high pressure job in industry, my spare time is precious and so are my friends. To me, life is bigger and better than the latest nutritional fad, so my philosophy is simple; life is too short for bad food and sh*t wine. Better to eat, drink, live and share. So, those in favour standby for fun, frolics and the incessant ramblings of a woman who thinks the world has lost the plot when it comes to food and lifestyle.

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