Goindikitchen – Live it. Love it. Cook it.

So last year, during some pretty gloomy circumstances, I started to cook and read about food a lot more in an attempt to dispel the stresses the day. Focusing some positive energy in exploring a creative outlet, I began to research the food I enjoyed whilst working overseas in India. I began cooking it, trying to recreate those recipes that enchanted and  pushed my culinary horizons.

I thought to myself, what’s all this blogging malarkey? Everyone seems to be doing it. Everywhere you turn there seems to be “blogging this”, “follow that”. I’ll be honest I still don’t really have a clue what it is. I suppose by definition it’s the conveyance of life’s experiences, observations and opinions and as a bonus, it’s a damn side cheaper than therapy!

I had the pleasure of living in the beautiful city of Kolkata for a few years of my career, a move that changed my life in more ways than expected. My experience of the people, the places and especially the food were eye opening. I even managed to bag myself a husband in the process. Winner winner tandoori chicken dinner! 😉

We are now happily settled back in the UK but my appetite to show everyone how delicious and how easy Indian food is to cook and enjoy has launched me into a one woman mission through Goindikitchen. A mission to spread the curry love and inspire everyone to try something new. So listen up fellow bloggers, if you love Indian food, I aim to recreate, educate, entertain and show just how easy it is to make cracking Indian food at home. My mantra is simple: Live it. Love it. Cook it. So come and join me for laughs, recipes, the incessant ramblings of a mad woman and of course Indian food! 🙂


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  1. Do not forget to enter details of the best curry cooker around. Your dad x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Caroline says:

      You know I look really cool having my dad comment 😂😝


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