Spice alert! Try my warming squash soup!

OMG! It’s Autumn where has this year gone? There is a definite chill in the air, the early morning mist, the smell of open fires and the sprinkling of frost all tantalise the senses this time of year. When coming home with cheeks cold and rosy, what better way to warm up than with a…

Cauliflower Power! Try my Aloo Gobi Recipe!

The humble cauliflower….In most instances considered mundane in appearance, this little beauty in my view, distinctly underestimated makes a fulfilling and delicious combination in my Aloo Gobi Recipe.

Nutritious and delicious…My scrummy yellow daal!

Pulses…..not the most exciting food group you might think? Think again…. the top three advantages of pulses which is why you should definitely give them a go are as follows: 1: they are extremely versatile; 2: they are an antioxidant super food; 3: they are rich in protein and fibre. An amazing way of incorporating these…

A tasty treat! Light and crispy vegetable pakora!

Hi Everyone, I have been a busy bee this weekend. With a friends party to attend and knowing that a few social drinks will usually lead to me having the mid-night munchies when I get home, I made sure I had some tasty treats for when I stroll through that door potentially a little merry. I made some light and crispy vegetable pakora’s.

Veggie power! My veggie and vegan friendly potato, mushroom and spinach curry!

Veggie power to the rescue! This curry is like an internal M.O.T and with 7 fruits and vegetables in this mighty dish complimented with the delicate earthy flavour of the humble curry leaf and just enough heat to leave your mouth feeling like its doing a dinner time Samba, it will no doubt leave you feeling guilt free and deliciously satisfied.

Another Summer Sizzler…Orange, lentil and red onion salad!

It sounds like the most unlikely mix however, this is a sumptuous salad, a summer sizzler great for BBQ season! It is a really simple salad great with chicken and fish, a citrus hit all mixed up with roasted cumin, red onion and earthy black lentils, totally delicious, trust me. Its even better made in advance and…

A Summer Sizzler! Seared turmeric chicken and spicy chickpea salad.

This delicious little salad supper literally took me 10 minutes to make. A proper summer sizzler, it’s subtle spice is spritzed into another dimension with a twist of lime and sprinkle coriander it really is the perfect summer supper! So what are you waiting for? Give it a whirl…. Ingredients: 2 x chicken breasts 2 tbsp….

A cheeky little chicken curry!

Hi Guys, well, its the beginning of another week and lets face it, when the sun is shining outside who wants to spend all their time in the kitchen cooking? I’d rather be outside with my feet up sipping something cool and refreshing! So this is my cheeky little chicken curry! An easy dish which you…